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Now I've fallen for you,

and theres no coming down.....

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About me?
Hmm not really much to say you can pretty much figure me out from my entries. Im kinda bitter at the moment. I used to not be this way but..thats what life does to people...some people....maybe its just me.

This is probably one of the most random journals at the moment. Most of it will be me complaining about various annoyances in my life. There will probably be a picture thrown in if it's something I really needed to vent about,(aka the fur real friend pony). On the weekends I get bored and make photoshop brushes or make useless pictures in photoshop that may make there way on here for some sort of lame update. Very rarely will there be a post filled with rainbows and candy sprinkles of joy. You never know though.

I enjoy writing, crafts, the internet, art, other things located in my interests section

I really do not enjoy going out in public (unless I am drinking), attending social functions, cleaning, or cooking.

Some entries will be friends only simply because this is rss feeded to a site that a bunch of whack jobs are on and If it's something really personal I am typing, I would rather them not see it. I don't know really how to add people to friends sooooo...yeah...if you want to read about those things hopefully you know how to do it.

theres my flickr account. In case you can't get enough of my outstanding photography skills on here......