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Previous Entry lame Sep. 28th, 2007 @ 09:18 pm Next Entry
As usual its another lonely friday night.

I am sorry but this isn't going to work for me that much longer.
I have been debating my strategy to get out of this hellhole.
It's kinda shitty right now though since I have kids.

I will say this however in another 5 years I will not be living in this boring city (town) spending EVERY single night of the week with two kids alone.

I have had about all of this a person can stand.

So to all the peeps that read this

peace out
I will probably not be on here anymore for a LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME.
I am turning off my internet cable.
And all the other frivolous expenses I have to pay for each month.

All that money is going in a little account for me to get the hell out of here to a better happy life before I moved up here and decided to waste 2 years of my life on some idiot that basically killed the person I used to be.

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